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Tiffany Gilkey was born and raised in Saint Louis, MO, and now resides in Dallas, TX. She has been styling since 2009. What started out as a favor turned into her gaining her first client. Tiffany began taking fashion classes to enhance her natural ability to style. It has now become her profession and passion to change lives through styling.

TG Style Me has taken off, and it's believed to be a true gift and talent. As a stylist, Tiffany's goals are to bring out class, elegance, boldness, and confidence in each client she serves. What may seem impossible to others, Tiffany has the wherewithal to make people feel good from the inside out.

Her styling has afforded her many opportunities in all genres of clients, from artists and pastors to teachers, congresswomen, business owners, and men and women just like you! Although she has many clients, Tiffany still has room for you and awaits the opportunity to classify you!

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